This Month In The Garden - January

Below are just some of the things we will be doing in our clients gardens within the next month or so. If you are finding that you don't have the time to spend in the garden, don't enoy gardening or are finding it diffcult to manage why not let Snowdrop look after your garden for you?
Thank you to The Gardeners Guild for allowing us to use this exclusive information.
1. Dig over soil on vegetable/flower beds if not already done - this will improve the soil.
2. Check the tubers of Dahlia, Begonia and Canna you stored last year for rots or drying out.
3. Prune apple and pear trees.
4. Don't let the grass get too long - if it is dry give it a trim but don't cut it as short as you would in the summer.
5. Plant new trees and shrubs or move old ones if necessary.
6. Do any landscaping now while everything is already muddy!
7. Cut back ornamental vines, ivy, Virginia creeper and Boston ivy.
8. Pressure wash paths if they are slippery - but make sure the water doesn't freeze and become a slip hazard!

Trees, shrubs and hedges

- Its best to prune evergreens in the spring when there is less chance of frost.
- Its still okay to plant, move (provided the ground is not frozen or water logged) and hard-prune/renovate deciduous trees and hedges.
- Its okay to plant roses but don't plant them where roses have been planted previously as this can lead to replant disease.
- Propagate ornamental shrubs such as Cornus, Salix, Forsythia, Weigela, Escallonia, Rosa, Ribes, Chaenomeles and Elaeagnus by taking hardwood cuttings. You can also take cuttings of deciduo climbers such as Fallopia and Lonicera. - Cut back ornamental vines, ivy, Virginia creeper and Boston ivy.
- Prune Wisteria by cutting back the side shoots to two or three buds being careful to avoid cutting off flower buds.

Pond Care

- Remove leaves from the pond.
- Don't crack the ice but let a saucepan of hot water melt a hole instead.
- Check water levels regularly to make sure that you have no leaks.

- Have you drained or protected out door water pipes from freezing cold?
- Stop paths becoming slippery by removing algae
- If the weather is dry you can still paint a wood preserver on fences, outdoor furniture and sheds etc.

- Clear weeds from borders ready for mulching in the spring.
- Plant lily bulbs.
- Check the tubers of plants such as Dahlia and Canna you have stored for signs of drying out. You need to check for signs of dampness causing rotting (remove any that are rotting) but too dry and they will be useless.
- Also, check any bulbs for signs of rot and remove dead bulbs before it spreads.
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